Andy Hobbs

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A Richmond native

  • Attended James Thompson Elementary, J.N. Burnett Junior High, and Richmond Senior Secondary.
  • Married to Lynn (also born and raised in Richmond); have been married since 1982.
  • Three children attended Richmond public schools and graduated from McMath Secondary in Steveston.

A lifetime committed to community safety

  • Joined the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) in 1979 and retired in 2014 as the Superintendent commanding North Command, which includes operations and personnel working in the northern half of the City of Vancouver.
  • Public safety and security have always been Andy’s priorities and Andy recognizes that the peace, prosperity and stability we enjoy as Canadians require vigilance. In his career, he’s had a number of assignments including Operations, Planning and Research, Mounted Unit, Detective Office, Recruiting, Internal Investigations, and Traffic among others.
  • Andy was promoted to the officer rank of Inspector in January, 2003, and served as the Executive Officer to the Chief Constable, an Inspector in District One (Downtown Core) and as the Inspector in charge of the Traffic Section.
  • In 2007, he was promoted to Superintendent.
  • From January to December, 2011, he served as the Acting Chief Officer for the Transit Police during a challenging transition period. As the Transit Police Chief, he completed an operational review and took several initiatives to stabilize the agency.
  • As a VPD officer, Andy received extensive training, including in England & the United States, and served as the VPD’s Public Order Group Gold Commander responsible for police responses to protests and large events such as the Celebration of Light, playoff hockey, various demonstrations and a host of other events in Vancouver.

Committed to Richmond

  • Andy has always been an active person in Richmond and continues to volunteer in several capacities.
  • In November, 2002, Andy was elected to the Richmond Board of Education and was involved in a wide variety of educational issues and challenges; he worked collaboratively with government and non-government groups and stakeholders.
  • In November, 2005, he was re-elected to the Board of Trustees for a second term which ended in 2008.
  • Andy continues has volunteered in Richmond in a variety of roles including coaching, officiating and cancer fundraising.
  • He has also been on several boards such as the Richmond Kigoos Swim Club and the Richmond Community Foundation.
    1. Currently, Andy is a Director of:
    2. Tourism Richmond Board
    3. Richmond Intercultural Advisory Committee
    4. Britannia Heritage Shipyard Society Board
    5. Steveston Salmon Festival Committee
    6. Richmond Hospital Foundation’s Stakeholders Relations Committee

A family man

  • Andy & Lynn were thrilled recently to welcome their first grandchild, Keira Lynn Savage, into the family.
  • Family time has always been important whether it was a swim meet, a soccer game or Kumon math lessons for the kids.
  • Nowadays, a little golf, skiing, and family time keep them pretty busy.

Other accomplishments.

  • Andy has a BA from UBC and numerous courses/training, including executive management, as a member of the Vancouver Police Department.
  • He has received several commendations with the VPD and in June 2011, he was inducted into the Order of Merit of the Police Forces by the Governor General of Canada.
  • In 2013, Andy received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for his service to the community.

• A personal commitment from Andy…

  • Community Service has been a consistent part of my life.
  • Family values are important to my family and me – it’s our number one priority.
  • I am also committed to making Richmond a better place – with more housing choices, better security, more economic opportunities – and enhancing the quality of life for our families.
  • Affordability is a critical issue in our community and I feel strongly that we must address this as a priority in all of the City’s planning.
  • I am ran as a candidate for Councillor.
  • I would sincerely appreciate your support.
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Brian & Andy

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Kelli and Keira